Newly Revealed Features For The iPhone 13

New features to be included on the upcoming iPhone 13 (to be released sometime in 2021) have been leaked. Here are a few that stand out:

Astrophotography: If you've ever been disappointed by how your camera can never quite capture the beauty of the moon, we have good news for you. The newest iPhone will come with an automatic mode that turns on when you point the camera to the night sky. This feature will allow you to take vivid pictures of the moon and stars. 

Portrait Mode Video: Portrait mode has been popular for taking high-quality photos and now portrait mode video will be available on the upcoming iPhone. You will be able to record videos with a blurred background giving them a professional look. What is even crazier is you'll be able to change what's in focus AFTER you've shot the video.

Although it hasn't been officially announced, it's likely that this iPhone will not be named the "iPhone 13" at all and will instead be called the iPhone 12S. It's possible that are going this route because of the negative associations people have with the number 13.

Want more details on the upcoming iPhone? Watch a full deep dive on the leaks and upcoming features below: