Apple taking on Google Now in iOS 9

iOS 9 featuring what Apple calls "intelligence" Photo - Apple.

iOS 9 Proactive Suggestions

Several readers over at MacRumors have shared their real world experiences with proactive suggestions in the iOS 9 beta. So far the results seem to be fairly intuitive and quite helpful. in iOS 9, Apple can automatically make suggestions for maps, apps, and music, based on your historical usage. For instance, if you always play podcasts when you get in your car, the podcast app will automatically show up in a special multitask view so you can easily access it.


If you normally watch Twitch on your iPad during your morning workout, iOS 9 figure this out and will show the Twitch app icon in the multitask view when you plug in your earphones.


When you connect to your car via Blutooth, iOS 9 can make suggestions on your route home based on traffic conditions. Read more at MacRumors

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