Our Story

Where It All Began

It all began with a little kitty named Baxter

In October 2012, my wife and I brought him home, and it wasn't long before we realized he had a fondness for chewing through our phone cables. That's when my best friend David and I decided to put an end to the constant replacements by creating a more durable cable.

And thus, Paracable was born. We set out to design a cable that not only protected our devices but also looked good doing it. After months of prototyping, we finally created our highly durable, Baxter-proof paracord-wrapped charging cable. And it was a hit! Not only did it stand up to Baxter's antics, but our customers loved the added style and durability the paracord braiding offered.

Over the years, we've continued to perfect our manufacturing process to ensure we're providing the best cable possible. One that not only looks god but will last for years to come. We take pride in our products and hope you will too. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at support@paracable.com.


Baxter is full grown now, but when he was a kitty he would constantly destroy my charging cables.

Best Buds

Paracable co-founders Travis Beck and David Fisher. Friends for over 25 years now, David and Travis build Paracable together and still run it today.


When we first started, we literally soldered the original paracables by hand. I was not very good at the beginning as you can see in this picture. (I got better ;)

Our Story

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