Frequently Asked Questions

Will Paracable cables fit in my case?

That depends on the case. The lightning ends of our cables are slightly wider than the stock Apple cables. The actual dimensions are 11mm X 6mm. If the opening for the Lightning port on your case is a bit wider than the standard Apple cable then you should be fine. If theres hardly any gap around it then it probably won't fit. The lightning end on our cables is wider because it has to be from an engineering standpoint. As of around July of 2015 LifeProof (Otterbox as well) has changed the manufacturing process of its cases to allow for more 3rd party cables such as ours so depending on when your LifeProof (or Otterbox) case was purchased, it may or may not fit our cable. The only surefire way to tell is to measure it.

Why no USB-C?

We should have those out later this year. If you would like to be notified when we launch, you can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our home page.

How Long are your cables?

All of our lightning cables are 5 feet and our Micro USB cables are either 3.2 feet or 5 feet depending on which type you choose.

Do you have any 2 meter or longer cables?

No, at this point we do not. We are just getting started and will be updating our product line extensively as we move forward. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to get updated on new Paracable product releases.

Are there any technical difference between the different colors?

No. Within each product category each cable is tecnhically the same, only the colors are different. I think the "1.21 Giggawatts" cable confuses people a bit as they are not familiar with the "Back to the Future" movie reference which the cable is named after.

Do you have the old 30-pin Cables for iPhone 4s?

No, we used to. The demand was incredibly low for those particular cables since they're obsolete with the new Apple devices.

How exactly does the posi-trac rear end on a Plymouth work?

It just does.