Which Type of Cable Do I Need?

Cable technology is constantly evolving and it can be tough to keep up with all the changes.  The following guide will help to alleviate any confusion as to which type of cable connector you need. 

Connector Types

Paracable mainly sells cables with 3 different combinations of connector types: USB-A, Lightning, and USB-C.  Each cable has 2 sides. One side connects to your device and the other connects to a power source like your computer or a wall charger. So a "USB-C to USB-A" cable has a USB-A connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the other.  A "USB-C to Lightning" cable has a USB-C connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other. You get the idea. 

USB-A to Lightning

This is the Apple charging cable most iPhone users are familiar with. It has a USB-A connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other. Lightning is a proprietary Apple connector and therefore is only used on Apple products or 3rd party "made for Apple" accessories like Gaming controllers or VR goggles. The lightning end goes into your device and the USB-A end goes into any suitable USB-A charger or computer port.

USB-C to Lightning

USB-C to Lightning is the new cable on the block. This has been the standard cable Apple provides in the box since the iPhone 11 was released. The Lightning end goes into your device and the USB-C end goes into a charger with a USB-C port. The biggest advantage of USB-C is that it's thinner, reversible and supports a new charging technology called Power Delivery (PD) which is capable of handling higher charging wattages. All iPhones since the iPhone 8 are capable of Apple Fast-Charge when using a USB-C to Lightning cable and a compatible 18W or higher type-C charger. This combo will charge your iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes or less. 


This is the standard cable for all Type-C devices like the Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and LG-V. The smaller reversible USB-C end goes into your device and the larger non-reversible USB-A end goes into your charger.  USB-A is the type of USB connector that most people are familiar with and is widely compatible with most wall chargers and car chargers. 


USB-C to USB-C is the newest Type-C cable on the block. It has the smaller reversible USB-C connector on both ends. One end goes into your device and the other end goes into a newer USB-C type wall charger or car charger. This type of cable and charger will charge your devices the fastest with Power Delivery (PD) technology which is capable of handling much higher power.  When paired with a compatible 18W charger, this combo will allow you to charge your device in the shortest amount of time using PD charging technology.