5 Reasons to Upgrade to USB-C to Lightning

5 Reasons to Upgrade to USB-C to Lightning

Upgrade to a USB-C to Lightning Cable

Are you still using an old, outdated cable to charge your devices? It might be time to upgrade to a USB-C to Lightning cable. These cables offer a range of benefits over USB-A cables, making them worth the investment.

Here are five reasons why you should upgrade to a USB-C to Lightning cable:

1. Fastest Charging:

USB-C to Lightning cables take advantage of the charging speed increases introduced with USB-C. This enables you to charge your iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes or less when paired with a compatible type-c charger.

2. Improved Durability:

One of the most significant advantages of USB-C to Lightning cables is their improved durability. We took that even further with our paracord-wrapped cables and patented strain relief, which make our cables resistant to fraying and breaking.

3. Better Compatibility:

As more and more devices adopt the USB-C standard, it's essential to have a cable that can keep up. All new laptops now come with USB-C Standard. A USB-C to Lightning cable ensures you'll be able to charge and sync your devices without any issues.

4. Faster Data:

In addition to charging your devices, USB-C to Lightning cables also allow you to transfer data at faster speeds. This is perfect for transferring large files or backing up your device.

5. Future-proofing your tech setup:

By upgrading to a USB-C to Lightning cable, you're investing in a cable that will handle the demands of new devices in the future. This means you won't have to upgrade your cables as new devices are released constantly.

Upgrading to a USB-C to Lightning cable is a smart move for anyone looking to improve their charging and data transfer experience. Not only are these cables faster and more durable, but they're also better equipped to handle the demands of newer devices. Get your paracable today and save 15% when you bundle it with a type-c charger.

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