The Truth About Long Charging Cords: Why Paracable Doesn't Make 10ft Cords

The Truth About Long Charging Cords: Why Paracable Doesn't Make 10ft Cords

Long charging cords can be very convenient, especially around the house, but they can also be a headache if they're not built to support fast charging. Paracable is known for producing high-quality cords that are built to last, but we've made the decision not to produce cords longer than six feet. In this article, we'll explore why longer cords are less efficient and what distinguishes Paracable's cords from the competition.

The problem with long charging cords

The longer a charging cable is, the more resistance it has. Resistance depends on a few factors, but the most important is wire thickness. The thinner the wire, the higher the resistance. This increased resistance means that charging speeds are slower, and it takes longer to charge a device without significantly increasing the wire thickness. Additionally, longer cords are more prone to voltage drop, which can further reduce charging speeds.

Why Paracable doesn't make 10ft charging cords

We decided not to produce 10ft cords because we prioritize quality over quantity. Longer cables require thicker wires to support fast charging speeds, which can result in heavier, less flexible cables. Paracable's commitment to producing durable and functional cables means we've chosen to produce cords that strike the perfect balance between thickness and flexibility. Additionally, we consider customer feedback when developing products, and our research has shown that most customers prefer cords between three and six feet.

The ideal thickness for a 10ft charging cord

If Paracable were to produce a 10ft charging cord, it would need a wire gauge of at least 24. This thicker wire would support fast charging speeds over the longer length. However, thicker wires can result in heavier, less flexible cords, which can be inconvenient for on-the-go charging. Paracable's research has shown that a wire gauge of 28 or 29 is the optimal thickness for cables between three and six feet.

Alternatives to long charging cords

While longer cords can be convenient in some situations, shorter cords have their own benefits. If you need a 10ft or longer cable, consider plugging a shorter 6ft cable into an electrical extension cord. 

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