The Paracable Difference

World's best charging cables

"I've bought ones similar to this, and they die off within months. What makes these better?"

We often get this question and it's very hard to answer concisely. The biggest difference is not something you can really see. It's the values and ideals that go into making our products.

Most people will tell you; "The goal of any business is to make money". They are wrong. The goal of any business should be to create value. That's it. Generating monetary rewards are sometimes the effects of creating value. We understand that we have zero control over the effects of our actions, only over the effort and virtues that go into our actions. Those actions, in our case, are to create the best damn charging cables we possibly can and to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases. That's our goal. That's our drive. Not money. Obviously running a business requires money. Thankfully, the effects of our actions have proven pretty efficient at generating monetary rewards.

"Ok, so how do you do that?"

Good question. It starts with product development. If the goal of your company is simply to make lots of money, then this phase is already compromised. You will set out to make cheap garbage with high profit margins and zero awareness of your environmental impact or the impact of disappointing lots of people who took the leap to trust your company and product. That method creates a short holding stage between manufacturing and a landfill. That seems incredibly stupid to us and a huge waste of resources, but you see this all the time.

Now then, if your goal is to create value, you would approach product development from a very different angle. Our approach from the beginning was to create a beautiful and durable charging cable that will last you a very long time. That is our "value proposition" and we spend a lot of time making sure that holds up. This means spending more time on development and more money on materials and craftsmanship. So that's step 1.

Every other step after that is Customer Service. Actual Customer Service, not servicing-of-customers. There is a difference. "Customer service" is an asset to be watched over diligently and carefully. Servicing-of-customers is a liability requiring the bare minimum of attention so as not to create a viral backlash. Who the hell ever wants to be on the receiving end of that? That's what you get when you talk to most of the monopolized ISP's in this country. It's rarely a reassuring, calm experience. The flip side is the way we interact with and help our customers as seen here: ( and here: (

"So you get what you pay for?"

Well, in our instance, definitely. We do not make the cheapest charging cables (destined for early retirement to the nearest landfill), nor the most expensive. But I can guarantee you that if you are not happy with a purchase from us, we will make it right. Hopefully, the results of those actions will continue to drive more growth and opportunities to further serve our amazing customers.

"Ok, but how can you claim that your chargers are the 'world's best'"

"World's Best" isn't a zero-sum game, it's a category. A category that we, and a strikingly large majority of our customers, believe we currently inhabit with not just our product but the company that drives and supports it. Listen, we're not under any illusion that we're infallible or that 100% of everyone ever who has ever purchased our products is 100% happy and satisfied. That's impossible at any sort of scale. But, you can get damn close and we can constantly strive for 100%. You do that well enough and long enough and you end up in the "world's best" category every time.

I hope this helps shed some light on how we operate and what we hold as valuable. If you have any questions or comments, please let David and me know at