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Fastest iPhone Charging

USB-C to Lightning

Fastest Android, Macbook, iPad Pro, and iPhone 15 Charging


Classic Android Charging


Legacy Charging

Micro USB


Fastest Charging

65 Watts. Enough for your phone and laptop. Powered by GaN

Compact Charging

20 Watts of Dual Charging USB-C and USB-A

On the Go Charging

20 Watts of Dual Charging USB-C and USB-A for the car

Apple Watch Charging

USB-C to Apple Watch


Fastest Charging

65 Watt FastCharge Bundles

On The Go Charging

20 Watt Car Charger Bundles

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2-Year Warranty

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A Paracable Customer

"The best on the market. I take it everywhere. It's no joke that this cable and wall charger are fast. "

- Katie S. (Verified Buyer)
A Paracable Customer

"I purchased 6 of these cables because of how much I love them. I recommend them to all of my family and friends. They are 100% worth the money."

- Stephanie C. (Verified Buyer)
A Paracable Customer

"Best Charger I've Ever Bought. I'm impressed with the strong cable and the way the plugs are attached."

- Laurie M. (Verified Buyer)
A Paracable Customer

"It’s by far the most rugged cable I’ve ever had. Awesome product, awesome customer service."

- Ty C. (Verified Buyer)
A Paracable Customer

"Purchased my cable back in March of 2018. It’s now 2022 and it looks exactly like it did the day it arrived, and still works like a charm. Love my paracable :)"

- Krista M. (Verified Buyer)
A Paracable Customer

"I’ve had them all, but after I recently had an Anker cable snap at the tip, I came running back to Paracable. They are just tougher!"

- Michael L. (Verified Buyer)