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12 products

Premium paracord-wrapped Apple Lightning cables to charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in stunning colors and patterns. Our unique manufacturing process ensures durability and fast charging in all of our beautifully colored and textured cables. Paracable is the original paracord-wrapped cable. Don't be fooled by imitators.

Which Connector Do I Need?

Connector Types

USB-A to Lightning

USB-A to Lightning is what most Apple users are familiar with. The lightning end plugs into your device and the USB-A end plugs into the charger. 

USB-C to Lightning

USB-C to Lightning is the new cable on the block. This has been the standard cable since the iPhone 11 was released. The Lightning end goes into your device and the USB-C end goes into the charger.

Why use the new USB-C to Lightning Cable?

When paired with a compatible 18W charger, this combo will allow you to Fast Charge your iPhone 8 or newer up to 50% in 30 Minutes or less. It's quite fast. Second, the USB-C connector is smaller and reversible. It's a win-win.