Paraflex™ USB-C to Lightning Cables

Paraflex™ USB-C to Lightning Cables

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The fastest way to charge your iPhone 8 or newer. With a compatible 18W charger and our Lightning to USB-C cables, go from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. 

Which Connector Do I Need?

Connector Types

USB-A to Lightning

USB-A to Lightning is what most Apple users are familiar with. The lightning end plugs into your device and the USB-A end plugs into the charger. 

USB-C to Lightning

USB-C to Lightning is the new cable on the block. This has been the standard cable since the iPhone 11 was released. The Lightning end goes into your device and the USB-C end goes into the charger.

Why use the new USB-C to Lightning Cable?

When paired with a compatible 18W charger, this combo will allow you to Fast Charge your iPhone 8 or newer up to 50% in 30 Minutes or less. It's quite fast. Second, the USB-C connector is smaller and reversible. It's a win-win.