We Make The World's Best Charging Cables

Paracable is one of the most well-reviewed cable brands on the market, and for a good reason. We make beautifully durable paracord-wrapped cables, treat our customers with gratitude and respect, and stand behind our products. 

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iPhone Fast Charge

Charge up to 50% in 30 minutes or less.

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Paraflex Apple Watch Chargers

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Beautifully Durable

Unparalled Quality

Our patented 32-bit braiding process was inspired by the beauty and strength of paracord.

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Apple MFI Certification

Never again get the dreaded “This accessory may not be supported” alert. We work directly with Apple and its suppliers to receive MFI certification. This ensures your cable works perfectly with your device (unlike most convenience store cables).

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The Paracable Story

Learn the story behind the original "Baxter Proof" cable and why pet owners around the world love Paracable. 

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How to Make The World's Best Cables (or anything else)

The biggest difference is not something you can really see. It's the values and ideals that go into making our products.

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Tough Enough

Men's Fitness Top Gear Choice

Certified By Apple

Mfi Certified

Unparalleled Quality

Engineered to Last


Say Goodbye to Crappy Cables

Risk Free

Love It Guarantee