6 Fast-Charging Tips to Improve Your iPhone Charger (and Other Apple Devices)

6 Fast-Charging Tips to Improve Your iPhone Charger (and Other Apple Devices)

Keeping your phone charged is a problem almost everyone shares. 

It's 2020 and we need to have our smartphones with us at all times. We've all had that moment when you realize that you've got under 20% battery left and no time to charge your phone. It's important to have a portable iPhone charger to take with you, but sometimes you just need to get the thing charged up quickly so you can get on with your day.

Most charging cables get the job done in an hour or two, but that just doesn't cut it anymore. Today, we're going to tell you how to make your iPhone charge faster with 6 fast-charging tips. The days of dealing with the anxiety of an uncharged or slowly charging phone are over and we're going to tell you why.

1. Use the Wall As Much As Possible

It's not always possible to plug into a wall when you're on the go, but that's absolutely going to give you the fastest charge. The wireless devices and portable chargers are great for their convenience, but charging from a power bank takes a while. If you need to go from 0-20% in 15 minutes, get yourself a good cable and wall plug. 

You might think that the one that comes with your phone is going to get the job done, but it's only 5 watts. If you really want to get it charged quickly, go with a higher wattage wall plug. Our wall plug that comes in our fast charging bundle is a whopping 18 watts, which is 33% higher than most fast charging plugs.

If you can, it's always better to pop into a coffee shop for 15 minutes to use a wall plug than to chance it by using a power bank. You should save the power bank for emergencies and get a powerful, fast charge from a wall outlet.

2. Use a Fast iPhone Charger

Using those no-name USB-C cables that you get at convenience stores aren't going to do you any good. Not only are they flimsy and likely to break in a few weeks, but you're also going to be sitting there forever waiting for your phone to charge.

The iPhone 8 and all of the models after it are equipped with "fast charging" technology, meaning, you can go from 0-50% in around 30 minutes, as long as you've got a fast charger. The Paracable iPhone fast charge bundle comes with our 18-watt dual wall charger (mentioned above) and your choice of a 3 or 6-foot Matrix lightning to USB-C cable. These cables are Apple certified and come with a premium 2-year warranty.

Stop buying those cheap cables over and over because you're going to keep throwing them out. For the low price of $48, you can have one of the best charging setups on the market.

3. Keep the Phone Off (Or On Airplane Mode) While Charging

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a fast charge is people needing to use their phones all of the time. Your phone is always going to charge faster if you're not using a bunch of battery eating apps at the same time. Next time you're in need of a quick charge, try turning your phone off altogether for a while and you'll notice a difference.

Keeping it off is the best option, but if you need it on to do some work, put it on airplane mode. If it's not using the internet and all of the apps associated with being online, then it's going to use a lot less battery. This should decrease your charge time, even while your phone is in use.

If you absolutely have to leave your cell service on, at least try to stay off of it. Leave it by the plug and only check your emails or messages if you really need to.

4. Make Sure It's Not In Heat

A phone's battery is made up of chemicals which heat up when it's plugged in. We won't bore you with the scientific details, but all you really need to know is that you should try to keep it as cool as possible.

When your phone reaches a high enough temperature, it'll stop charging until it's cooled down. If you're in need of a fast charge, then this isn't really practical. Keep it away from windows or other sources of heat and if it's in a case, you might want to consider removing it. Cases, while protective, trap the heat and make it hard to keep your phone cool.

5. Quality Chargers

If you've got a cat, dog, or rabbit, they've probably chewed through a charging cable or two over the years. It's strange that Apple hasn't come out with a cable that accounts for this problem, but it's okay because we have. Our "Baxter proof" 32-bit paracord fabric will survive any kitten because they don’t like to chew on it like the standard rubber covering most cables have. 

But this cable will survive much more than an encounter with your cat. We’ve built them to be extremely durable. We're so confident in this technology that if your cord breaks in the first 2 years, you'll get a new one for free.

Most cables are only built to last through a certain number of bends. Like most people, you probably aren't conscious of how much you're bending your charging cable, but the average cable can only handle about 7,000 of them. Ours can take at least 35,000 bends making our cables 5X more durable than most cables on the market.

6. Cycle the Battery

Lastly, "cycling" your battery every once in a while is proven to help your battery charge more efficiently. This is when you let your battery go all the way to 0% from 100%. Do it every couple of weeks and you might notice your phone charging faster when you really need it to.

Go With an iPhone Charger That Works

If you're sick of your iPhone dying because you don't have an iPhone charger that powers it quickly, then spend your money on a product that works. At Paracable, we understand how important it is to keep your device charged in 2020, which is why we make our cables with the highest quality materials. They're built to last and they're built to give your phone a charge as fast as possible.

Grab your fast-charge bundle today save 15%.

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