Paracable Paraflex USB-C to USB-C Paraflex™ USB-C to USB-C 60W 5gbps (ONE)
Paracable Paraflex USB-C to USB-C Paraflex™ USB-C to USB-C 60W 5gbps (ONE)
Paracable Paraflex USB-C to USB-C Paraflex™ USB-C to USB-C 60W 5gbps (ONE)
Paraflex™ USB-C to USB-C 60W 5gbps (ONE)
Paracable Paraflex USB-C to USB-C Paraflex™ USB-C to USB-C 60W 5gbps (ONE)

Paraflex™ USB-C to USB-C 60W 5gbps (ONE)

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The new standard of charging. Power up your laptops, phones, VR headsets, and 100's more with up to 60W of charging power and transfer huge files instantly with 5gbps transfer speed. Plus, the paracord material makes it 7x more durable than regular cables, able to withstand over 35,000 bends with our advanced strain relief technology. 

  • Heavy Duty! Charge up to 60W (20V/3A), enough juice to charge newer Apple and Dell laptops.
  • Lightning-fast transfer speeds of up to 5gbps.
  • FastCharge your iPad Pro when paired with a 30W or higher USB-C power adapter.
  • Patented Paraflex strain relief for unparalleled durability.
  • Premium, hassle-free, 2-year warranty backed by world-class customer service.
  • The original "Baxter" proof cable.
  • Just the right length at 3 or 6 feet long.
  • Keep it tidy with the included removable velcro cable management tie.
  • Charge it Fast with USB-C Power Delivery compatibility.


60W Max


3 or 6 ft.

3-5 oz.

Compatibility List

All USB-C devices. You can be assured that your Paracable USB-C cable will work with any device with a USB-C connector. Please Note: Some devices may require more than 60W for charging, in which case the device would pull a maximum of 60W charging slower, but would not harm the cable or device at all.

The ONE Cable features the full spectrum of the rainbow. This eye-popping combination of colors makes this cable stand out from the crowd of bland, everyday charging cords.

In an era when so many forces seek to divide, this cable reminds us that beauty is to be appreciated, differences are to be celebrated, and our neighbors are to be loved.

With that said, many people silently suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more in our society. That’s why we’re donating a percentage of every sale to The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. MAPS has pioneered the safe, medicinal uses of psychedelics to improve mental health and heal trauma. Their work can help reduce the suffering of many in need (including veterans experiencing PTSD).

"The Paracable USB-C to Lightning Cable is a good option. It has a braided-nylon sheath and is slim, flexible, and rugged. It's less expensive and comes in three unusual patterns."

"Paracables are wrapped in 32-strand paracord, meaning they were created to survive a beating."

"The Paracable Lightning cable is strong, fairly priced, and comes in multiple colors and sizes, making it the best overall choice."

Ultra Durable

Protected by Paracord

future proof

Max Compatibility

World-Class Support

Hassle-Free Warranty

Patented Strength

7x Stronger

Risk Free

Love It Guarantee


This is just the name we use for the color and pattern of the cable. We find this is more memorable than just "blue and black". It also serves as a reminder that these are no ordinary cables.

This cable can handle up to 60 watts of power.

This cable transfers data at up to 5 gbps.

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We ship most orders the next business day and most US orders are delivered in 2-3 days.

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